Our approach is client-driven:

  • Crisis Readiness
  • Engagement & Facilitation
  • Analysis

Our flexible, enthusiastic and experienced team provide practical solutions and support to every engagement

We provide short term results and long term solutions, positioning your organization for improved performance now and in the future

The right approach can change the outcome.

Through strategic, operational and contingency solutions we can build your capacity to execute a stalled project, facilitate a working session or ensure you can successfully respond when bad things happen. Each collaboration is carefully developed with your mission and business goals in mind, measuring progress and delivering results. We build relationships and engagement among teams, partners and stakeholders to help you attain your best.  




“Mary’s work with the Government Olympic Executive was high quality and exactly tailored to the needs of the engagement. Mary also made a very positive impression with our clients and immediately established a position of authority by virtue of her past successes combined with a highly effective and winning personality which works with team-mates and clients.”                                  – Tom Moran, KPMG